Etradex Products

Overview of the EXRILO System

The EXRILO system has been designed for the management of the export process in the international arena and consists of a number of fully integrated modules:

  • Export Database and System

  • Master Data Module

  • Export Order Entry Module

  • Export Documentation Module

  • Export Management Information Module (MI)

  • Budget / Allocation Module

  • SARS EDI Module


  • INTRA EDI Module


The following modules are also available in the EXRILO system, but may not be utilised by the company due to other systems fulfilling these functions:

  • Foreign Currency management Module (FCM)

  • Export Debtors Module

  • Export Warehousing Module


The system operates on a number of platforms including standalone PC’s, networks, AS/400, UNIX and mainframes. Although the system has been configured to suit the majority of situations in its standard form, the system can be tailored to suit any particular application or requirements.


All standard export documentation is generated within the system and all documents conform to the international standards for trade documentation. Any additional documents specific to a particular industry can be developed and included in the system, if such document is not already available from the system. All documentation is prepared in accordance with the international trade and customs requirements and the relevant documents are customised by including the company logo on the documentation.


We have specialised in the liquor, juice, canning, fruit, textile, manufacturing and retail industries and as such a considerable amount of the industry specific requirements have already been developed.



Benefits of EXRILO

A few of the main benefits of the system are:

  • Reduction in time spent on the management of the export process
  • Detailed and comprehensive management information is available
  • Cost saving in terms of paper, photocopies, and facsimiles
  • Central database for control and management of export activities
  • Adaptability of system to specific company requirements and back end integration to most ERP solutions
  • Conformity with international standards
  • Automatic creation of International trade documentation
  • Interfaces with a number of third parties within the international trade environment including SARS, shipping lines and freight forwarders
  • Electronic interfaces with parties involved in the clearing of cross border transactions to neighbouring countries – Botswana, Swaziland and Namibia
  • Expert knowledge with regard to system installation and exports available during the implementation of the system
  • Review of export business practices and alliance with best business practices relating to international trading activities


On average a 50% reduction in time spent on the management of the export process has been achieved after the implementation of the system. The general accuracy of information and documentation also increases by approximately 30%.


The cost and time savings experienced substantially increases the ability of the staff to manage the export process, as well as the ability of the staff to manage increased turnover both in terms of value and volume.


The system has a wide user base, which includes a number of prominent South African organisations. We are confident that the system will satisfy your export and cross border logistical requirements.


The EXRILO system is currently the only export solution available in South Africa that enables direct interfacing to the SARS EDI system, without the utilisation of a third party system, for the electronic paperless clearing of export customs entries from South Africa.